Electrical components required for a 2-axis wire EDM build with the BX18 arc generator

Part descriptionAmount neededPart numberSource (Referenced to European Union)
BX18 arc generator1X-15-BX18-01Link
C-arc controller1X-15-CACNTRL-01Link
RS-485 cable for C-arc controller1USB-RS485-WE-1800-BTLink
Mini PC for running LinuxCNC and the BaxEDM software1Minis Forum GK41Link
ECT60 Servo drive including closed loop stepper motor 57AM23ED2ECT60 and 57AM23EDLink
Solid state relay for 12V DC chopper motor1ASR-M02DD-1Link
Solid state relay for switching inductive loads, the water handling pumps3AQA211VLLink
Wire chopper motor1E192.12.18Link
Wire handling servos2CPM-MCVC-2310S-RLNLink
Power suppy for wire chopper motor1MDR-20-12Link
Power supply for wire handling servos1EDR-120-48Link
Power supply for X and Y motors1EDR-120-48Link
DIN rail terminals502001-1201Link
DIN rail jumpers252001-402Link
DIN rail2WS.005.3542Link