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Components for custom EDM machines and machine retrofitting

The market for custom designed CNC milling machines is quite large both in the professional sector and for DIY hobbyists. Many OEM products and components exist that allow engineers and hobby enthusiasts alike to design their own machines with off-the-shelf parts in a relatively short amount of time. For EDM machines however, this is a different story.

The biggest challenge in building a custom EDM machine is the Arc generator. Normally Arc generators are not sold as separate components as they are complex pieces of hardware that need to be designed specifically for the system they will be used in. So in order to build a custom machine, a custom generator needs to be designed, which is a major hurdle for anyone building a custom EDM machine.

To overcome this problem, BaxEDM has developed an adaptable Arc generator that is easy to integrate into custom designs, offering versatility while still providing professional results. With this hurdle now removed, the realization of low cost custom EDM machines is now within reach of engineers and hobby enthusiasts.