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Components for custom EDM machines and machine retrofitting

The market for custom designed CNC milling machines is quite large both in the professional sector and for DIY hobbyists. Many OEM products and components exist that allow engineers and hobby enthusiasts alike to design their own machines with off-the-shelf parts in a relatively short amount of time. For EDM machines however, this is a different story.

The biggest challenge in building a custom EDM machine is the Arc generator. Normally Arc generators are not sold as separate components as they are complex pieces of hardware that need to be designed specifically for the system they will be used in. So in order to build a custom machine, a custom generator needs to be designed, which is a major hurdle for anyone building a custom EDM machine.

To overcome this problem, BaxEDM has developed an adaptable Arc generator that is easy to integrate into custom designs, offering versatility while still providing professional results. With this hurdle now removed, the realization of low cost custom EDM machines is now within reach of engineers and hobby enthusiasts.

Happy user – 4300+ Hours operation so far

I’m using the BX17 arc generator to wire-EDM machine parts for model engineering. I am the first customer of BAXEDM and purchased my generator about 1.5 year ago. So far I have machined with the generator for 4300+ hours without any problems and have been able to make many parts. About 10 years ago I build the first home build wire EDM machine and also build my own generator, however when the BAXEDM generator became available I decided to purchase one because it was more advanced and powerful than mine, since my competence lies in mechanics and not in electronics. I’m a really happy user, the only downside I can think of is that the BX17 was hard to integrate into my existing CNC solution, as my CNC control cannot move backwards. The design of the BX17 is such that it is only easy to implement with CNC controllers that can move backwards e.g. Dynomotion. This is a downside for me.

Benny Croonen

The good kind of sparks from electronics

In 2013 I built a small tabletop wire EDM just to see if I could and partly as I needed such a machine. No information was available, so had to improvise and built the machine around an Arduino working as a G code interpreter / machine controller and a very simple RC-type generator from scrap parts. It worked (https://www.youtube.com/TheWireEDM), but was very slow and due to my limited knowledge the project stayed in that condition for years. I was about to rebuild a PWM type generator for myself and prototyped one which I wasn’t too fond of, so everything just halted for a couple of years.

Then a guy called Mike contacted me about building a wire EDM and in months he had a working machine and not soon after he announced that he has a generator capable of some serious output power and with advanced gap measurement. Decided to hop on the list of first-buyers and in December of 2018 got my generator in the mail with an assortment of other bits and pieces from the webshop and spent all the time I could spare from my free time to rebuild my electronics, recoding the Arduino and fitting the new generator on the wall above the machine.

First cuts didn’t exactly work as I had hoped, got some interference to my controller, but after a lengthy discussion of options and things to try to hone on the error source with Mikes awesome support, I got the machine cutting happily without issues! Really loving this, the ease of use and being confident that each spark is as supposed to be, I’m able to cut very fast, very accurately and in productive manner, so that I can offer wire EDM work for my customers.

Highly recommending this generator unit, it is built by a professional and it delivers what it promises! The customer support has been amazing to get things running smoothly and gotten some valuable advice on how to implement the generator in to my system. Definately worth every penny, especially for retrofitters.

Jaakko Fagerlund

Great piece of equipment for custom EDM builds

The combination of the BX17 arc generator and Dynomotion controller allow the creation of many different custom EDM tools. I built a small-hole EDM drilling machine, and am working on a wire EDM now. It’s convenient to have benchtop-sized machines, since most/all commercial EDM tools are huge free-standing devices.

Ben Krasnow

Great product and great company to deal with

After receiving the generator, the first thing that I noticed was how professional it was packed. The delivery was prompt (10 days to the other side of the World).
Upon opening the box, I noticed how professional the generator is made, even the logo is done by wire EDM, using that generator as proof of quality control…
The machine that I’m developing is a 6 axis (4 interpolating ) wire EDM, still in the development and building stage. Can’t wait to get it going, and according to testimonials by some of my friends that have the generator going, its going to be a smash hit.
The customer support is great.

Mariano Diaz

A great product worth recommending !!!

We got the generator some time ago – the product looks very good and works according to our expectations.

We are preparing the modernization of several old WEDM machines. One of the biggest problems is the generator. Using the BaxEDM BX17 solution, we were able to launch the cut in a very short time.

The product is definitely worth recommending – Not only for hobbyists but professionals.


Not built yet, but opened up and poked at….

Well I had to get the generator, and its mine, so I took the covers off to give it a good looking over.
Its fabulously well made, solid connections, well designed layouts, and good quality parts (like the power supplies, which are the most abused parts)
This is not a hobbyist selling an arduino and some transistors in a box.

Can’t wait to start the main build. The generator is a quality product.

Steve M. Taylor

Amazing product

I initially made my own generator from existing designs, but was unable to get useful performance. Now, with the BaxEDM BX17 generator, my custom wire EDM machine got a huge performance boost. Next to the performance of this product, the technical support has been superb, I definitely recommend this product to all DIY EDM builders!


Quality product with great support

I was delighted to discover BaxEDM as I was digging into building my own EDM power supply.    The amount of work that his generator has saved me is truly monumental!       I have enjoyed initial experiments with the machine and in every aspect I have tested sofar it is extremely well built and BaxEDM is incredibly responsive.      One instance impressed me very, very much:   I was interested in a single-shot mode,  in which it is possible to trigger individual EDM pulse discharges.   I spoke with Mike by email on a saturday morning, and on saturday afternoon he called me to let me know he had updated the firmware and that there was a software upgrade available for download to allow this functionality!     This kind of responsiveness is incredibly impressive and testifies to the excellent engineering design he has put into this system.   I would absolutely buy another unit from him-  in fact, I did:   I bought another generator for my work!

Gordon Kirkwood - Research Engineer