Dashboard Application

Download the latest revision of the dashboard application in the table below. Unpack the zip file, it only contains the BaxEDMDashboard-Revxx.exe executable. In order to run it, make sure to also download the EDMparameters.json file and copy it to the same folder as the executable.

0.127-Oct-2018First Beta releaseDownload Link
0.230-Oct-2018Added support for 32 Bit legacy systems.
Minimum operating system requirements are now:
-Windows 7 X86 (32 bit)
-All windows 7 updates installed
Download Link
0.313-Nov-2018-Added pop up dialog that shows if the EDMparametersLib.json is missing or not in the right location
-Fixed bug that sliders did not update upon a get command
-Fixed bug that the parameter verification did not update upon a get command
Download link
0.428-Jun-2019-Fixed a bug that prevented sliders and frequency + duty cycle DRO from updating after picking a parameter set from the libraryDownload link
0.523-Mar-2020-Added support for the C-arc controller
NOTE: you need to download the latest EDMparameterLib.json to use this version
Download Link