Key components required for a 2-axis wire EDM build with the BX18 arc generator

Part descriptionAmount neededManufacturer Part #Source (Referenced to European Union)Comment
BX18 arc generator1X-15-BX18-01LinkBaxEDM product
C-arc controller1X-15-CACNTRL-01LinkBaxEDM product
BX18 and C-arc controller installation kit1X-15-INSTKIT18LinkBaxEDM product
Mini PC for running LinuxCNC and the BaxEDM software1Minis Forum GK41Link
ECT60 Servo drive including closed loop stepper motor 57AM23ED2ECT60 and 57AM23EDLink
Solid state relay2ASR-M02DD-1Link
Solid state relay for switching inductive loads, the water handling pumps3AQA211VLLink
Wire chopper motor1E192.12.18Link
Wire handling servos2CPM-MCVC-2310S-RLNLink

or this eBay listing:
12V Power supply1MDR-40-12LinkUsed for powering the mini PC.
12V Power supply1MDR-40-12LinkUsed for powering the 12VDC wire chopper motor, two 12V fans, cabinet LED lighting and two rainbird water valves.
5V Power supply1MDR-20-5LinkUsed for general logic switching inside control cabinet
Power supply for wire handling servos1MDR-100-48Link
Power supply for X and Y motors1MDR-100-48Link
DIN rail terminals1502001-1201Link
DIN rail jumpers56
DIN rail3Phoenix 1207640 – NS 35/7,5Link
DIN Rail timer1600XU-A-1-CULink
Electrical cabinet1NSYS3D4620PLink
Storage container2Manufacturer: Curtec
UN 1H2W/X84/S/–/NL/CURTEC 180550
LinkThese containers/drums are used for dirty and clean water storage
Water pump1DAB JetInox 132MLinkUsed for pumping water either through the deionization resin filters, or to fill the work tank quickly
Water pump1DAB KPS 30/16LinkUsed for pumping dirty return water through all filters into the clean water tank
Rotary vane pump head1Supplier SKU: 67101006
Manufacturer: NU.ERT PRG6ASX 600 l/h
LinkUsed for high pressure work flushing. Supplier is Indumex
Motor coupling1Supplier SKU: 67000071
Manufacturer: NU.ERT coupling PR2194 and PR2196 Type IEC71B14
LinkMechanical interface between drive motor and rotary vane pump head
Drive motor1Supplier SKU: 45461005
Manufacturer: T1A 712-4 0,37kW IE1 PTC1400rpm 230/400V 50Hz B34
N/ADrive motor used for rotary vane pump. Supplier is Indumex
Frequency converter1Supplier SKU: 79030204
Manufacturer: Teco L510-201-SH1F
LinkUsed for speed control of the rotary vane pump
Water conductivity controller1Hanna instruments BL983320-2Link
Water conductivity probe1Hanna instruments
Water level switches4TRU Components TC-10352160Link
10″ water filter housing with 3/4″ threads4ICP-FH10LinkUsed for 5um filter, 1 um filter and two for deionization
10″ filter cartridge for EDM deionization resin2Supplier SKU: 8720933719658Link
10″ 5 um filter1ICP-PPL10-05Link
10″ 1 um filter1ICP-PP10-01Link
Electric water valve2Rainbird type 100-HVLinkThese are intended to be driven with 24VAC. This is unpractical since the control cabines does not have a 24VAC source. Instead, drive these at 12VDC. Do not use 24VDC, that will cause damage!