Key component list of MK2 Wire-EDM Machine (EARLY DRAFT)

PartNumber of partsSubassemblyPart #Supplier / sourceComment
Mini PC with windows 101Control cabinetFor example a Intel NUC or a MSI Cubi. The KMotionCNC program requires only a light PC.
Simple Wireless Keyboard + mouse set1Control cabinetGeneric wireless keyboard and mouse set e.g. the Logitech K520
KFlop Motion controller1Control cabinet
Kanalog extension board for KFlop1Control cabinet
PC power supply1Control cabinetGeneric PC power supply from Ebay
Stepper motor driver2Control cabinetUse the dynomotion KStep solution, or pick generic driver, for instance these:
BX17 arc generator1Arc generator
BX17 installation kit1Arc generator
C-arc controllerC-arc
Gear, Module 1.0, with 36 teeth3C-arcGEAS1.0-36-6-B-8-KC90-TPC4-M4MisumiRequires an additional machining operation; increase bore to 12mm
Gear, Module 1.0, with 12 teeth2C-arcGEAB1.0-12-12-6MisumiRequires an additional machining operation; cut-off two 6mm thick slices.
0.255mm industial wire guide2C-arc3081000 0.255mm for Sodick ACCUTEX SSG EDM Click here
608 ceramic bearing7C-arcNAEbay
608 steel bearing1C-arcNAEbay
Toggle clamp2C-arcMC03-1Misumi
Miniature Clamp lever2C-arcCLDMC4-20-BMisumi
Wire motor for wire tension1C-arcCPM-MCVC-2310S-RLNTeknic, Inc.
Wire motor for wire speed1C-arcCPM-MCVC-2310S-RLNTeknic, Inc.
Flushing nozzle2C-arcFanuc F213/2Ebay or BAXEDM (will be added to webshop)
Shoulder bolt, M6, 8mm, 20mm shoulder length, H8 tolerance2C-arc07117.060.020Fabory
Shoulder bolt, M6, 8mm, 60mm shoulder length, H8 tolerance1C-arc07117.060.060Fabory
Needle bearing. OD 12mm, ID 8mm, thickness 8mm.6C-arcHK0808-BMisumi2 for each 36 teeth gear.
Load cell1C-arcTAL220Sparkfun
Bearing2C-arc61801 ZZMisumiFor pinch mechanism excenter axle
Die cast enclosure1C-arcG107MFTME / Farnell / AVnet

Farnell / AVnet also has these:
Ballscrew2XY stageRM1605 - 600mm longEbay
Ballscrew nut2XY stagecame preinstalled on ballscrew spindleEbay
Linear bearing 20mm8XY stageSMA25GUUEbay
Thrust bearing2XY stage5201ZZ-1
Standard bearing2XY stage6000-ZZ
Stepper motor2XY stageNEMA 23 1NM IP54 waterproof
Shaft coupler2XY stageDCNC-D32-L32-B10.00mm
Shaft coupler2XY stageDCNC-D32-L32-B6.35mm
Spider for shaft coupler2XY stage SPIDER DCNC-D32-L32 (A-red)
Ceramic washerWorkpiece table94610A480McMaster-Carr
Spherical washer stainless steelWorkpiece table94007A034McMaster-Carr
Door HingeWorkpiece TankSHHPSK6-2 Misumi
LatchWorkpiece Tank5128A61McMaster-Carr
Machine feetBase frameAJPD12-70CMisumi