What is the typical wire renewal rate?

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The typical rate at which the wire is renewed lies in the range of 1 to 3 meters per minute, for 0.25mm diameter wire. Depending on the power at which the arc generator is set and on the flushing conditions used, a different speed should be used. It is not possible to renew the wire too fast. The only effect in such a case is that you are wasting wire, cutting will work just fine. If the wire speed is too slow however, you risk braking the wire. A good indicator for seeing if you have chosen the correct wire speed is by taking a piece of spent wire and pulling on it by hand. If it requires little force to break, increase the wire renewal rate.
Typically if you have found a speed that works well for you, you will rarely change it, unless you make big changes to the generator power.
For the BaxEDM example machines, the used speed is 1.5 meter/min.

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