Soldering the mini XLR connector

Some users have been struggling to solder the mini-XLR connector for the sense input. I made the mistake as well in the beginning. After unpacking the connector, its not evident that the connector core is removable for easy soldering. You can remove it by pressing against the core with a screw driver. It then pops out and after that you can solder the pins easily. You only need to use one of the cable strain reliefs. Depending on what type of cable you are using, use the black one for thin cables and the blue one for thick.


List of required installation materials for the BX17 arc generator

SKU #Comment
Connectors and accessories
SpeakON plug 4-poleX-19-6249614 Required for BX17 connector X2 (see manual)Shop Link
DIN plug with screw lockX-19-6741231 Required for BX17 connector X4 (see manual)Shop Link
Mini XLRX-19-5173181 Required for BX17 connector X3 (see manual)Shop Link
DSUB 9 pin male connectorX-19-8509072 Required for BX17 connector X5 (see manual)Shop Link
DSUB 15 pin male connectorX-19-7409901 Required for BX17 connector X6 (see manual)Shop Link
EMC Proof DSUB-9 connector hoodX-19-5439702 Required for BX17 connector X5 (see manual)Shop Link
EMC Proof DSUB-15 connector hoodX-19-5895312 Required for BX17 connector X6 (see manual)Shop Link
Wire and cables
Mains power cable EuropeX-19-9734211 Shop Link
Mains power cable United statesX-19-9630642 Shop Link
High frequency Litz power cableX-19-6202000 Available per meter, sold in cut lengths with tinned endsShop Link
Heatshrink tubingX-19-7919521 In 1.2 meter lengths, required for the Litz power cableShop Link
USB-RS485 serial cableX-19-7530417Required for connection to BX17 connector X5 (see manual)Shop Link
8-core 0.22mm2 screened cableX-19-0010442 Can be used for X5 and X6 connectors (in X6 not all pins are used), sold per meterShop Link
Differential to single ended converterX-15-DIFFCONV-01Required to connect the differential control signal output of connector X5 to a single ended input of the motion control card input (e.g. Kanalog of Dynomotion)Shop Link
Red beacon warning lightX-19-6019151 Shop Link
Led bulb for beacon warning lightX-15-BA15DLED18 Shop Link

Soldering the speakON connector to the Litz wire power cable

The Litz cable is too thick to fit inside the screw terminal of the SpeakOn plug. To connect the cable, solder a small spiece of solid copper wire, bent in a U shape, to the end of the Litz cable. This will allow you to connect the cable properly. A single Litz cable should be connected to two internal screw terminals. The BX17 manual describes which connector pin numbers should be connected to the positive and negative BX17 power output.