List of required installation materials for the BX17 arc generator

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Connectors and accessories
SpeakON plug 4-poleX-19-6249614 Required for BX17 connector X2 (see manual)Shop Link
DIN plug with screw lockX-19-6741231 Required for BX17 connector X4 (see manual)Shop Link
Mini XLRX-19-5173181 Required for BX17 connector X3 (see manual)Shop Link
DSUB 9 pin male connectorX-19-8509072 Required for BX17 connector X5 (see manual)Shop Link
DSUB 15 pin male connectorX-19-7409901 Required for BX17 connector X6 (see manual)Shop Link
EMC Proof DSUB-9 connector hoodX-19-5439702 Required for BX17 connector X5 (see manual)Shop Link
EMC Proof DSUB-15 connector hoodX-19-5895312 Required for BX17 connector X6 (see manual)Shop Link
Wire and cables
Mains power cable EuropeX-19-9734211 Shop Link
Mains power cable United statesX-19-9630642 Shop Link
High frequency Litz power cableX-19-6202000 Available per meter, sold in cut lengths with tinned endsShop Link
Heatshrink tubingX-19-7919521 In 1.2 meter lengths, required for the Litz power cableShop Link
USB-RS485 serial cableX-19-7530417Required for connection to BX17 connector X5 (see manual)Shop Link
8-core 0.22mm2 screened cableX-19-0010442 Can be used for X5 and X6 connectors (in X6 not all pins are used), sold per meterShop Link
Differential to single ended converterX-15-DIFFCONV-01Required to connect the differential control signal output of connector X5 to a single ended input of the motion control card input (e.g. Kanalog of Dynomotion)Shop Link
Red beacon warning lightX-19-6019151 Shop Link
Led bulb for beacon warning lightX-15-BA15DLED18 Shop Link
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