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This kit includes the installation essentials for the BX18 arc generator and C-arc controller:

  • High frequency Litz power cables, 2 sections of 2 meter long + 1 section of 1 meter long
  • Heat shrink tubing for the Litz power cable
  • 2-Pin connector for the BX18
  • 6-Pin connector for the BX18
  • Cable eyes for the Litz cable
  • 2 meters of wiring for the warning light
  • LED warning light
  • LED bulb for the warning light
  • 3 DSUB-9 connectors for the C-arc controller
  • 3 DSUB-9 full metal EMC connector hoods
  • 2 meters of wiring for the C-arc X1 connector
  • A 10kg load cell
  • FTDI USB to RS-485 cable




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