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BX18 Arc Generator


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BX18 Arc generator

BX18 arc generator features

  • Single very compact universal 19″ 3U enclosure
  • High efficiency switched mode current source
  • Mains input voltage range 100-240V 50/60 Hz
  • EtherCAT interface
  • LinuxCNC integration
  • Control of the arc generator configuration from within your CNC g-code
  • Fully configurable arc parameters
  • Arc current up to 30A
  • Cutting frequency up to 200 KHz
  • ISO-Frequency mode
  • ISO-Pulse mode (same amount of energy in each arc strike)
  • Differential sense input for accurate arc voltage measurements
  • All data I/O interfaces optically isolated
  • Workpiece edge finding mode, with dedicated isolated output
  • Switched 12V output for high voltage / EDM active warning light
  • Firmware updates through USB interface (additional features will be released in the form of SW updates)
  • Self diagnostics
  • Protected by hardware authentication and secure boot


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